Spring time for gardeners in Leicestershire & Warwickshire.

Spring time for gardeners in the Midlands.

Its fast approaching the time of year were your garden breeds new life, colour and growth. Gardeners in Leicestershire & Warwickshire its time to revel & celebrate Spring is here – Make the most of your garden. The mild Winter months have led to an early onset of Spring in the United Kingdom, as we all notice in our local area the Counties of Leicestershire & Warwickshire. Spring time for gardeners in Leicestershire & Warwickshire brings blossom on the Trees, Snow drops & Daffodils to rise and flower. Here at Hinckley Garden Care we offer a few point & tips which may help your garden reach its potential for the coming season.

Lawn Care.

Its very important to prepare your lawn for the year ahead, the first cut of the year is very crucial to maintaining your lawns appearance. Always make your first cut at least 1cm longer than you would normally as not to shock your grass, this gradual cutting helps your lawn stay strong, whilst also protecting it in case their is a last frost.

Lawn care - spring
Lawn care – spring


If you did not already do so in autumn it may be worth scarifying and aerating your lawn as winter can be very wet season, getting rid of any dead moss and grass also providing air and drainage to the roots and lawn surface.

Its also a good idea to undertake any lawn repairs such as patches were you dog has worn the grass or it has been walked on a lot near steps or paving edges, this can be done with a soil sand mix for holes then over-seed the area, defining your lawn edges and boarders can also be done whilst the ground is soft leaving crisp edges and keeping your lawn out of the flower beds.

Applying a good lawn fertiliser and moss killer is a great way to help your lawn recover and give a health start to the year, if necessary you may need to apply a selective non lawn killing weed killer, for this to be most effective.

Time to Prune – Spring is here.

Now that Spring is here, getting to grips with those lavenders and hedges is so important as new shoots will be forming so making room for them and dead heading everything is paramount. There is no need to be to aggressive but its worth doing the job properly so do not be scared to get stuck in, remember they are plants they will grow back.

spring pruning
spring pruning

This will give you the space to plant some new perennials (plants & shrubs) for the summer months, breeding new life and colour to your garden.

It is worth remembering to watch out for nesting birds if you do start pruning hedges and such as you would not want to disturb them.


Eco Friendly Garden Waste Disposal

When ever possible and if you can good practice is to compost any of your grass cuttings and leave collecting or tree / hedge cuttings if you can shred them, this will provide you with a rich compost which you can introduce back into your garden at a later stage as a free natural fertiliser, thus recycling the waste material your garden produces.

Making the most of your garden – in short.

  • Keep on top of the grass length no to short to begin with.
  • Pruning – hedges, trees, shrubs.
  • Cut back over grown areas of your garden which may of been neglected.
  • Apply fertilisers were possible and moss killer if necessary.
  • Weed killer to hard landscaping / selective weed killer to grassed areas.
  • Repair any damaged grassed areas.
  • Scarify & aerate the lawn.
  • Dead head plants.
  • Sweep or rake up fallen dead debris.
  • Recycle waste material were possible.
  • Go to your local garden centers for some ideas of planting & improvements.
spring garden centres
spring garden centres

Summer – looking forward.

A few things to remember as the summer will approach & the weather gets warmer.

  • Keep on top of your lawn.
  • Make sure everything is well watered and feed.
  • keep those hedges trimmed.
  • Treat weeds before they can take hold.
  • Plant out summer bedding plants.
  • Recycle waste and water were possible.
  • Enjoy your garden.