September Hinckley Garden Care Autumn Seasons Tips

 As Autumn Season Begins.

Changing Seasons for the borough of hinckley and bosworth, your garden care in leicestershire and surrounding areas, Hinckley Garden Care have decided to put together some tips and advice, you may find useful.

September: Summer Into Early Autumn.

As the month of September come upon us, the season of change from summer heat to autumn cool has begun. The colour change in the leaves the nights are slowly getting earlier and the days shorter, this change in the year is a great time to be out enjoying the fruit harvest and take car of those ground plants as much as watering in the summer is important.

Lawns Go Greener.

Lawn Cutting & Care
Lawn Cutting & Care

As the trees get golden the lawn gets greener the air feels fresher and lawn care is as ever paramount, its important to to take it easy on the lawn feed and give a good all year round feed or a high in potassium feed is recommended to assist the browner dryer grass of the summer months disappears with the wetter months. Watching the weather forecast is important as a good cut just before it rains helps the lawn open up to expose the ground so the water soaks the ground and does not just sit on the top of the grass. keeping the lawn free from falling leaves and debris so the grass does not rot under the leaves and spoil the care taken over the grass, September is a good opportunity to re-sand and seed those barer patches of grass if you have experienced ants nests or have bold patches due to animal foul.



Flower Beds and Harvesting.


flower beds need careflower beds need care

clearing your flower beds is as important the falling petals and leaves can potentially kill the ground for new growth, trimming is a good idea to just expose the ground, however its important to bring in those plants to the green house that are not fond of the cooler climate as the month moves on.clearing the hanging baskets and tidying up is one of the biggest issues from this month on wards in our opinion.


Harvest Time In Leicestershire
Harvest Time In Leicestershire

Picking the fruit from your trees and fruit bushes its time to get right on and harvest as all of them ripen and start the fruit pies and preserves or even freezing them for use over the winter, a brief spell of warm weather will see the fruit turn so quickly, It is better to enjoy your picking yourself before the bugs get into them first.

Having Time To Relax & Enjoy.

Getting time out in the garden to enjoy it and relax, we all have busy hectic lifestyles, Hinckley Garden Care can take care of your gardens needs leaving you free to enjoy it.


Fire Pits & BBQs
Fire Pits & BBQs

Remember the more Garden Care you have the more rewarding the time you will have in it, all those late year BBQs still to be had enjoying the fire pit you have had landscaped in for those cooler evenings. your garden is still the biggest room in your house so theirs still plenty of time to get out their and get all those jobs done and  enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Creating a landscaped area such as a fire pit can compliment your garden and extend your enjoyment of your garden well into the evening hours.

Thinking Ahead :

Planting for the spring its time to get those bulbs in the ground for the early spring, its a good idea to pot some plants just in-case of that early frost. Getting on top of the clearing helps with the big winter clear out and will save time later on.