What Lawn Mower Is Right For Me? Large Or Small Lawns?

Choosing a lawn mower.

Before you rush down the shop or surf the internet for lawn mowers, It’s a good idea to have in mind what you may be looking for, as this is pretty much a life time purchase for your garden. It’s a bit like buying a car. Lawn Mower what is right for me? A question that you need to be happy to answer. Whether it’s a walk behind or a ride on mower or even a fly mow. For nothing short of on average, you will use it over 30 times in a year so its a purchase that is worth consideration.

Things To Consider.

  • What size is my lawn?
  • Do I have storage for the mower?
  • What have I used before?
  • What is my Budget?
  • Whats available / on the market?
  • Am I purchasing new or old?
  • Do I want a stripe finish with a rear roller?
  • Do I need to grass collect?
  • How short do I want to cut my lawn?
  • What are the maintenance costs?
  • How often will I be cutting my lawn?
  • Will I need to mow the lawn when its wet?
  • Is the ground level or uneven?
  • Can I handle the machine?
  • Fuel type: Petrol or Electric?

What type of lawn mowers are available?

fly mow
fly mow

Walk Behind Fly Mow Style.

Usually electricity powered via a cable. Popular for those smaller lawns, folds very compact for ease of storage if space is a concern in the garden shed. They are light weight, simple to use leaving a nice finish grass collection or mulching styles are usually available were grass is not collected but put back into the lawn. Be careful not to run over the cable. Not the most expensive of machines and widely available. Suits a budget. Low maintenance costs but consult the user manual or a supplier if you’re unsure.

Walk Behind Mower.
Walk Behind Mower.

Four wheeled walk behind mower.

Four wheeled walk behind mowers are a brilliant all round machine available for deck sizes 16″ to 21″. Electric or petrol powered depending on brand and requirements. For larger gardens petrol is a must, where as for small gardens you may wish to use electric/ battery power. Four wheels mowers are excellent on uneven ground, the deck height adjustment usually leaves you with a nice even finish. Also usual is rear grass collection for your compost bin. Depending on lawn size & mower type it should mow around 2000msq. Maintenance costs are reasonable if looked after should give you many years of trouble free mowing, Always best to consult the user guide or a dealer if you’re unsure.

Rear Roller Walk Behind Mower
Rear Roller Walk Behind Mower

Rear Roller Walk Behind Mower.

The mower of choice for anyone wanting that stripe look to their lawn. It is named so due to the roller at the rear. As with the four wheeled mower deck size is usually 16″ to 21″. A little heavier to the rear because of the roller but manageable. Deck adjustment is on the side and you may even have a “blade brake” were the engine runs but the blades do not turn, so you push a lever and the blades begin again. It is a nice feature for those larger gardens. Or may be a key start depending on brand. Rear grass collection with the removable bag. Maintenance costs are reasonable if looked after, should give you many years of trouble free mowing. Always best to consult the user guide or a dealer if you’re unsure.

Ride On Lawn Mower
Ride On Lawn Mower

Ride On Lawn Mower.

This type of mower is best suited to larger gardens with vast amounts of grassed area. Mostly petrol or diesel powered. The sit on position is comfortable, All features are at your foot or finger tips. The deck usually adjusts as well as size variations. With a multi amount of spec and styles available depending on brand and type or model size. Some features include grass collection from a rear bag, mulching deck or side or rear discharge for those not wishing to collect the grass. There is even cruise control on some. These are larger machines and do take up some space so storage is to be considered. Prices do vary from brand and models but they are more expensive. Ideally you want to have a look around, if possible speak to a dealer, have a demo or trial of this kind of machine. Maintenance costs are not too bad but consult the user guide or supplier if unsure. A trained professional knows best advice.

Climber Ride on lawn Mower
Climber Ride on lawn Mower

Climber Ride On Lawn Mower.

A much tougher type of ride on mower. With the all terrain tyres it is suited best to those more steep banks and hills. Great for going over all sorts of large grassed areas when the grass may be a little long. Side or rear discharge possibly with a mulching deck dependent on brand. A real work horse of a machine it does go through most grassed areas well. It leaves a reasonable finish. Low down seating for stability and comfort. Its a good idea to have a demo or seek dealer advice before purchasing this style of machine. Maintenance costs are not to bad consult the user guide or supplier if unsure. A trained professional knows best advice.

Large Grassed Lawn Mower
Large Grassed Lawn Mower

Large Grassed Mower.

This type of mower is in its element running around all day cutting through pretty much any grassed area. A safe driver position. The deck is front on, with grass collected to the rear using mechanical emptying methods. You will have seen this style of machine used by Councils. A machine like this is suited to very extensive grassed areas or parks. There are so many features on these you really need to seek advice on it before purchasing and possibly  have a demo. Storage and security is also a consideration.

Triple Gang Mower
Triple Gang Mower

Triple Gang Mower.

Named due to the gang of rotary blades which sit on this machine. For extensive grassed areas leaving a great cut, you will of seen this style of mower cutting parks or school fields. Also available is the Greens Style which if you’re a keen golfer you will have seen this machine and the finish it leaves on the golf course. As with the large grassed mower the adjustments features are almost endless. Storage and security are also a consideration. Seeking dealer advice and a demo is a real must for this type of machine unless you know what it’s all about and are experienced.

What ever mower you choose.

Always consult the user manual before use. Where applicable have a demo or training on how to use the equipment you have bought and follow safety guide lines. Make sure that you’re happy with the mower you choose. That it is comfortable and easy for you to use. Look after it with regular maintenance and cleaning. It should return you a nicely cut lawn.

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The pictures featured are not a recommendation of what to purchase just a guide of what the mowers look like.

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