Hedge Cutter Service, Repair, Sharpening. Leicestershire, Warwickshire.

Keeping your hedge cutter working correctly is important for safety, the life of your machine and for the health of your hedge.

A poorly serviced or blunt hedge cutter is dangerous as it can snatch and jam up when in use, causing you to have to stop frequently to free the machine and clear the jam.

Any time you have to go near the blades there is the risk of injury which could be avoided, poor running and blunt blades will damage and reduce the life of  your machine.

Blunt or poorly adjusted/damaged blades will cause cut quality issues and will damage the hedge leaving it open to disease and pests.

We can service and sharpen your hedge cutter to keep it working correctly and safely.

Hedge cutter Sales and Service.

At KLS we have a wide range of new hedge cutters for sale from Echo and Efco to suit all applications both domestic and professional.

Our service team can check your machine for faults and damage and advise accordingly, as well as completing a full service including

  1. air filter, fuel filter and spark plug replacement
  2. clean and grease gearbox
  3. sharpen and set blades
  4. clean machine and lubricate blades
  5. set up engine for optimum performance
  6. test run machine


We can service or supply parts for all make of equipment, give us a call for more information.


Hedge cutter Safety, PPE.

You must make sure you have the correct safety equipment and understand how to use your machine before starting work.

Hedge cutters can be dangerous to and you and others around you, make sure you wear gloves, eye and hearing protection as a minimum.

At KLS we can supply all of the safety equipment/PPE you will need to keep you safe.

Make sure all pets and children are inside or supervised at a safe distance, keep everyone clear of your working area, and if working in public areas ensure there are warning signs and barriers to stop accidents.

Never go near the blades or leave the machine unattended while the engine is running as the blades can move without warning.

Never use the machine above head height or over reach as this can cause you to become unstable and injure yourself or others, if you have a tall hedge you may consider one of our long reach hedge cutters, allowing you to work safely from ground level.

We have several models available, such as the Efco DS 2400 HL, professional quality and 2 year warranty.

EFCO DS 2400 HL Professional Petrol Hedge Cutters
EFCO DS 2400 HL Professional Petrol Hedge Cutters


What ever your requirements or budget we have a machine to suit, call today for latest offers or just some advice.


Daily checks before you start.

  1. check you have a safe working area
  2. check your safety equipment for wear and damage
  3. read and understand all the safety/user information for your machine
  4. check the blades for wear and damage
  5. check the air filter is clean
  6. check fuel mix is correct for your machine and there are no leaks
  7. make sure there is grease in the gearbox

These are a few things you must do before starting any work for your safety and for the good of your machine, if you are unsure how to do any of the above or would like some advice, please contact us we would be happy to help.

Proper storage of your hedge cutter

After you have finished working with your machine make sure you clean and prepare it for storage.

Here are a few key things to do so your machine will be ready for the next big job.

  1. clean all debris from the outside of the machine
  2. clean and inspect the blades
  3. lubricate the blades with a suitable lubricant
  4. if storing over winter or for long periods, drain the fuel from the machine, start the machine and run until it cuts out, this will stop the carb from getting gummed up with oil and resin.
  5. store in a dry place away from children and ensure the blade protector is fitted

We hope these pointers are of use to you, if you require any further information feel free to contact us.